A feeling of something in the throat is quite a common symptom. Its medical term is 'globus pharyngeus. If you have this problem there are some 'red flag' symptoms you should look out for which, if present, require an urgent visit to your GP or ENT Specialist.

Red Flag Symptoms:

  • Pain or difficulty on swallowing food
  • Vomiting blood
  • Coughing blood
  • Weight loss when not dieting

Most people however have none of the above symptoms. They often describe a feeling of a lump in the throat when swallowing saliva but not when swallowing food. It can also be intermittent and may change position in the throat. The sensation is usually caused by muscular tension within the throat or by inflammation of the throat lining.

Muscular tension can be secondary to stress, anxiety, an overactive thyroid and depression.

Inflammation of the throat is usually secondary to one or more of several factors including - dehydration, smoking, alcohol, reflux from the stomach, viral, fungal or bacterial infection. Some people may present with this symptom as part of an autoimmune condition.

Diagnosis is often made by GPs and treated accordingly but if the problem remains it is worth seeing an ENT Consultant who can examine the throat using a technique called fibreoptic nasopharyngolaryngoscopy. This entails passing a very small camera along the nose and examining the throat. Treatment for this benign condition is usually very effective.

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