This is usually caused by a condition called Menieres Disease. In order to diagnose this condition patients should have dizziness with hearing loss and ringing in the ears. A fullness in the affected ear is often described. It is usually only one side that is affected and unfortunately although hearing usually improves after the dizzy episode has finished, with time, hearing gets worse and recovers less.

Dizzy episodes typically last between 20 minutes and 24 hours and are particularly severe with vomiting and spinning dizziness. They can occur in clusters or sporadically. Some patients have a family history of the condition with a parent or relative having suffered in the past.

In approximately 25% of patients the second ear can become affected. This is usually some years after the initial presentation and often after the original problem has been treated.

Treatment of Menieres can be very effective and is usually with medications. In some severely affected patients who fail to respond to medicines, there are surgical procedures which can transform patients lives by eliminating symptoms completely.

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