Bat ears’, as they are called can be a problem, particularly for children, who find that it leads to teasing and on occasions, bullying at school. It is often a trait inherited from one or both parents and is due to a lack of development of the usual folds and creases in the external ear (pinna) which would bring the ear closer to the side of the head.

In cases where the problem is leading to difficulties for a child it is reasonable to suggest a ‘pinnaplasty’. This is an operation which requires a cut at the back of the ear following which sutures or further cuts are made to change the shape of the ear giving it a more natural appearance and allowing it to lie closer to the side of the head. Following surgery children have to wear a bandage over the ears for a week. When this is removed they need to wear a ‘sweatband’ over the ears for a further two weeks and then at night for another week in order to stop the ears from being pulled out of place when they roll over in bed at night.

The operation is usually very successful and leaves no scars other than at the back of the ear, which by this time is very difficult to see.

It is also possible to perform the same surgery in adults and the same procedure is followed.

If you feel this is a problem affecting you or your child and would like to arrange a consultation with Mr Banerjee to look into this further please contact us.

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