Cosmetic nasal surgery is usually successful but in a small minority of cases the outcome is unsatisfactory. In these cases it is sometimes necessary to perform further surgery which is described as 'revision surgery'. Before undergoing any further operations it is important that both the patient and surgeon agree on what is needed and what is possible.

Quite often the tip of the nose is the problem and in these cases an 'open approach' in which a small cut is made at the base of nose is often required. This technique allows much finer manipulation of the tip structures particularly in cases where previous surgery has left scar tissue present. It may be necessary to take tissue from other sites if the usual harvesting sites within the nose have been exhausted by previous surgery. The usual donor sites used are the ear or the rib.

The risks of further nose surgery include some loss of feeling over the tip or base of the nose or post operative swelling which does not fully resolve, although these are both very rare. There is also a small risk of infection or bleeding and of a worse appearance.

Despite these risks revision cosmetic nasal surgery is usually very successful in improving the appearance of the nose. It is important to discuss all aspects of revision rhinoplasty procedures at length with your chosen surgeon and if necessary obtain a second opinion before embarking upon surgery.

The following is an example of a patient who had previously undergone two rhinoplasties under the care of surgeons elsewhere in the UK. There was concern about the outcome of his past surgery which had left some deviation to the right as well as tip asymmetry, a depressed left middle third of the dorsum and an acute nasolabial angle. As there had previously been extensive nasal surgery, it was necessary to harvest tissue from elsewhere and the ear was therefore used.

Example Surgery

This shows the problems described before revision surgery was performed. Note the deviation to the right together with left tip abnormalities and depressed left middle third of the nasal dorsum.
This side view shows the rather upturned nose together with excessive nostril show and buckled left nasal tip.
Following surgery and the removal of dressings, the nose is more symmetrical and the buckled tip cartilages have been addressed. The middle third depression has been filled with a cartilage graft taken from the ear
This side view shows the slight de-rotation performed to reduce the acute nasolabial angle. The buckled left tip has also been resolved. The incision site can be seen to be healing and with time the redness will go leaving a scar that is very difficult to see.

Testimonial Following This Surgery

"I have only the highest praise for Mr Banerjee and his private practice, from the first consultation, through the operation, to the follow up consultation.

"In the first appointment, Mr Banerjee listened to my problems with my nose and understood that the problems were important to me and were interfering with my day to day life; This simple step of listening and understanding were especially important to me as talking to family, friends, etc generally involved those parties NOT listening, NOT understanding, and talking to me as if my problems were insignificant.

"In the first appointment, Mr Banerjee invited me to talk through the changes that I would implement if I could, and then talked through what could or could not be changed, without belittling the problems and with a general positivity which was beneficial after the years (and years) of thinking through in one's own head what could or couldn't be achieved.

"The operation was booked based around my timetable/work. Mr Banerjee talked to me before the operation and also talked through the success of the operation afterwards. Talking to Mr Banerjee, before and after the operation, was reassuring and Mr Banerjee's positivity was again hugely beneficial.

"After the operation, I was happy with the outcome and continue to be happy. This feeling of happiness is relatively new to me, and may be difficult for those with no problems with their nose to understand. It is a feeling of happiness with the outcome, combined with a feeling of a huge 'weight off my back' as the thoughts (and thoughts and thoughts) of "what if..." over the years have been lifted.

"Thank you Mr Banerjee."

Mr X

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