Some patients suffer with recurrent infections of the ear canal. This part of the ear is referred to, by otologists, as the 'outer ear' and this condition is called refractory recurrent otitis externa. It affects the part of the ear canal leading to and including the ear drum (tympanic membrane). Unfortunately repeated infections lead to changes in the skin and soft tissues lining the canal which in turn gives rise to further infections and chronic pain and discharge. Several procedures have been used in the past for this condition with varying degrees of success.

Eleven years ago Mr Banerjee invented a new technique for reconstructing the damaged ear canal in these patients. He has since gone on to lecture on his results at national and international meetings. The 'Leicester Canalplasty' has produced good results for patients who previously had been unable to obtain treatment for a condition that had plagued their lives for years. It involves a single surgical procedure that incorporates typical otological procedures with facial plastic surgical techniques to produce an ear canal that can withstand the rigours of normal living without succumbing to further symptoms.

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